About us

CRM and ERP is all we eat and breathe at Netprofitbuilders. And have been since the last 15 years. We earned our first tracks in the Y2K craze, fighting to get those corporate, DOS-like ERP-systems survive the first years of the new century. Having worked for some large multinationals in the building materials industry, we quickly realized that the power of CRM and ERP could be equally beneficial to smaller organizations. Today, this is still our mission: we build smart business solutions for small and medium sized businesses, enabling them to maximize their net profit.

We don’t just have a vast experience in ERP, we also have a vision. ERP should be simple, integrated and intelligent.

Simple, because a business solution should be easy to implement, easy to use and easy to maintain. A true cloud solution is the perfect answer to these requirements.

Integrated, meaning that one system should offer the essential functionality a business needs: CRM, ERP and E-commerce. Invest your money in core strategic functionality, not in complex interfaces that don’t add value.

Intelligent, because in the 21st century, we fly 300 million euro, 800 passenger double deck airliners by means of one joystick and a computer screen. That’s exactly how we envision you to manage your entire organization. Monitor and steer from a central dashboard, with the right KPI’s and easy access to all other functions when needed.

With NetSuite, we have found just the right system for you. NetSuite is 21st century CRM and ERP, with built-in Ecommerce and PSA. And the same goes for all other solutions we offer to our customers, like RfSmart, Handshake, Box, Docusign,... Pure cloud, no hardware headaches, no upgrade issues, easy access everywhere, anytime and on every thing. Our solutions are so simple they can be implemented in about half the time spent on legacy, on premise systems.

We love these solutions and we are sure you will also. Because ultimately that’s what we all want, isn’t it? Enjoy our business, make the most out of it with the right tools and with just one goal in mind: enjoy life!