Our services

 Business analysis and consulting  

It’s about your business, your strategy and your performance. So first, we listen to you. Did you already prepare your detailed requirements list? Great! But like most businesses, you probably have a strong feeling about the potential benefits of cloud CRM or ERP or Ecommerce. But you don’t have the time to analyze and find the exact areas for improvement. Let us help you! Our consultants have the tools, the experience and the business expertise to map your existing workflows quickly and to draw your business software plan for the future. We work with you to design innovative solutions that will improve your output and reduce your costs. It’s all about net profit...!


Support with our cloud solutions is completely different to what you may expect from legacy systems. Whereas in the past you would need to pay for support if your servers were to break, or the platform was not responding – this is all included as part of your subscriptions. As such, we expect support to take the form of dealing with process questions that can even be reduced proactively with ongoing training. All our cloud solutions offer excellent online and self-service support tools, including contextual help, how-to documents and videos, training presentations and Q&A. As a NetSuite user, you also have free access to the User Community forum, offering lots of hands-on experiences and tips & tricks. For all other questions and support issues, we offer a tailor-made solution to your specific needs. Depending on the number of users, system complexity and required response times, we will build your perfect support solution, using the best of Netprofitbuilders and NetSuite resources.

 Custom development and integration

Take advantage of the power of the cloud. Enjoy the NetSuite out-of-the –box functionality that grows with each automatic update. But every business is unique. We will help you tailor NetSuite to your specific needs. From custom fields and forms through custom workflows, to fully customized applications. NetSuite offers extensive customization capabilities, which we leverage to build solutions that fit you like a glove. And although NetSuite offers a broad spectrum of business functionality, you probably have third party applications that you can’t do without. We bring your whole platform to the next level by integrating your critical applications with NetSuite. Regardless whether they are also cloud or on premise solutions.  


Based on our mutual understanding of your business requirements and business software goals, we build a prototype of your solution. We train your key users. We give them the confidence needed to work together with our consultants as one team. Module by module, role by role, user by user, we translate your vision into a working solution. We provide test plans to check progress and final readiness. We teach you how to easily migrate master data and historical data from you legacy systems into NetSuite. We make sure your documents look clear, correct and in accordance to your corporate image. We show you how to create management reports that will give you full insight into your business. And we teach every user how to customize his dashboards and KPI’s. Empower your people and you will get great results!        


Our professional trainers will prepare your key users for successful design, testing and implementation of your NetSuite solution. We may also take care of all end user training, should you want us to. After go live, we offer in-depth training sessions to keep your team up-to-date on the latest NetSuite functionality. All training programs are tailor-made to the needs of your organization and your business workflows. And we will schedule the training sessions when it suits your people and your business calendar. Finally, training can be provided in English, Dutch, French and German.